Conservatory ideas – how to choose the best material and type

A conservatory is the perfect way to extend the living space of a home. Popular for many years, there are countless options to consider when developing your ideal conservatory design. The size of the walls and interior features are a matter of personal taste. The roof option is arguably the most important element to decide on. We’ve put together a short guide on conservatory roofs.

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs

Polycarbonate has been a popular roofing choice for several years, primarily due to its price. It lets in plenty of natural light which is a positive amongst many homeowners. However, polycarbonate roofs do have significant downsides.

They have little to no insulation leaving the conservatory requiring alternative heating options, such as space heaters. These alternative heating options generally require high amounts of energy to run resulting in a spike in energy bills in the colder months. During bad weather, like heavy rain, polycarbonate roofs have a reputation for being very noisy.

Glass conservatory roofs

Like polycarbonate, glass roofs let in a considerable amount of light. Normal glass roofs allow solar heat to penetrate the conservatory leading to elevated inside temperatures on warm summer days. Standard glass roofs are also susceptible to heat loss in winter.

Opting for Celsius performance glass is a good way of avoiding unpleasant seasonal weather conditions. Celsius performance glass will also let less solar glare into your conservatory.

Tiled conservatory roofs

Conservatory with tiled roofTiled roofs don’t let as much natural light in as polycarbonate and glass, however, they have considerably more positives. Tiled conservatory roofs can be insulated leading to vastly improved temperature control compared to the alternative options.

U-Value is used to measure the thermal efficiency of a product. Polycarbonate roofs have a U-Value of around 1.5. Tiled conservatory roofs, such as those from Spectra, can achieve a U-Value of 0.18. This huge difference means that tiled conservatory roofs are cooler in summer and warmer in the winter, without the need for artificial heating. The multi-layered design allows for less noise in the event of heavy rainfall, leading to a more peaceful conservatory.

Spectra conservatory roofs

Spectra has over 15 years of experience improving homes throughout the South West. Our family-run company has developed a reputation for our knowledge and high-quality products. We’ve developed a wide network of highly skilled installers ready to share their passion for creating beautiful extended living spaces.

Spectra offers a variety of roofing products, including tiled roofs, lantern roofs and more. Contact us for more information on our products or expert services.