When is a conservatory roof replacement a better option than a whole new conservatory?

Ember colour tiled conservatory roofWhen you begin to experience problems with your conservatory, it can be a tempting idea to just start completely anew and replace your existing conservatory with a new one. Whilst this may seem appealing, it can be a very costly and time-consuming process, which could be easily avoided if you looked for a different solution to your conservatory problems. In many cases, it is more efficient for somebody to replace their conservatory roof as opposed to the entire conservatory, but if you’re unsure what kind of problems justify a roof replacement, read on!

Frequent conservatory condensation

If you’re repeatedly experiencing condensation within your conservatory, you might not think that the roof has much to do with it, but you’d be surprised at the impact a cheap or poorly installed roof can have when it comes to condensation. If your conservatory roof is made of glass, this is another cold surface that can contribute to condensation, whereas a tiled conservatory roof is not susceptible to such a problem.

Conservatory is constantly cold

You may have found that your conservatory isn’t somewhere you want to stay for very long thanks to it being unbearably cold. Heat tends to travel upwards and if your existing conservatory roof isn’t thermally efficient, a lot of your heat might be escaping. Polycarbonate conservatory roofs are notoriously bad when it comes to thermal efficiency whereas a tiled conservatory roof excels at keeping conservatories warm.

The tiled roofs that we install can achieve U-values of only 0.18 thanks to their advanced multi-layered tile design. The more thermally efficient a conservatory is, the less money you’ll be spending on artificial methods of heating.

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Persistent leaking within the conservatory

Should your conservatory begin to let in rain, you needn’t replace the entire conservatory to remedy it. When rain begins to seep into your conservatory, it’s normally because poor quality roofing material was used in the initial installation and it has degraded over the years, creating small openings for the rain. Common problems include inefficient sealant and loose panels or capping. At Spectra, we’re experts in our industry, meaning we install conservatory roofs with the utmost of professionalism and the best quality materials.

A tiled roof from Spectra won’t be susceptible to leaks as the framework supporting it is engineered with sturdy aluminium, making them durable and made to last.

Draughts within the conservatory

It’s not unreasonable to suspect that your entire conservatory is to blame when you begin to experience draughts in your conservatory, but it’s actually quite common for the roof to be solely to blame. A draught is one of the most irritating problems you can experience within your conservatory, especially in the winter months. A draught will also make it so any attempt to heat up your conservatory is useless. If the draught is not coming from the edges of your conservatory or the doors and windows, it’s likely that the roof is to blame.

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At Spectra, we provide and install the very best in tiled conservatory roofs! That’s not all though, we also offer orangeries, lantern roofs, and verandas. You can find out more by contacting us or browsing our website.