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JHAI Approved Products

All our roofing solutions come manufactured having gained JHAI approval, a scheme which signifies that our products meet the technical requirements set out by Building Control Standards.

Certified Installations

Our services come approved by corporate inspecting body JHAI. Two third parties that help assure all roof installations are appropriately certified.

Find accredited installers

From construction to installation, your conservatory will meet all the necessary building regulation requirements thanks to our network of installers who come fully-accredited and are reliable.

Wonderful Conservatory

"Just spending some time in the conservatory in reading and wanted you to know how wonderful it is. It’s my little retreat in a sometimes noisy house! Thanks again for doing such a good job."

Conservatory Roof Replacement

"I would like to thank you for the work carried out on my conservatory roof replacement. Not only does it look great, but it went very smoothly, no hassle. The workers were efficient, polite and very accommodating. Would recommend."