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A stylish addition to the side of any property or corresponding extended space, Spectra engineer and supply a range of verandas that expertly balance traditional design and contemporary function. Constructed using highly strong and durable aluminium, they do an excellent job at fending off the harshest of elements in the event of harsh rainfall, always providing sufficient shade and cover whenever you’re tempted outside.

We manufacture verandas in such a way that they are never unsightly, instead boasting a neat and tidy aesthetic look that will always make sense for your home. It helps to think of them as a conservatory without the surrounding glazing walls, truly letting homeowners experience the cool breeze of the outside with a much more minimalist and open design. Our elegant glass verandas are an excellent addition to any property. They allow homeowners to enjoy their exterior living space while sheltered from the elements.

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A wide range of configurations

If you have a preference of size, shape, or height you’d prefer with your aluminium veranda, fear not, as all come boasting a wide range of configurations.

Bespoke design to suit your home

We engineer every veranda on a project-by-project basis to ensure a perfect fit for your home every time, coloured to a shade that ties in neatly with your property’s existing aesthetic.

Flexible design

Spectra Verandas are highly flexible, giving homeowners the ability to incorporate accessories from either a Classic or Vintage set. Both combine traditional style with modern function, always providing welcome cover.

Safe & stylish purpose.

Elegant verandas that provide subtle cover when outside

Verandas are an ideal addition for those wanting to give more definition to their outside space, a good tactic to have when hosting a garden party or Summer barbeque. Anti-glare glass can even be incorporated for those worried about soaking up the potentially harmful UV rays which can sometimes make themselves known, giving our verandas a safe as well as stylish purpose.

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    Understated colours that suits every property style

    Though having roots that are inherently historical, our verandas are available in two neutral colours that make sense for their aluminium construction: Grey and Black. Both will never render your new veranda unsightly or out of place, instead appearing as a natural fit for the majority of property aesthetics.


    Technical features few other tiled roof systems can match

    Aluminium verandas are only matched technically by the SupaLite tiled roof systems they are specifically designed to complement. Stretching neatly alongside your conservatory or orangery, each unit can incorporate anti-glare glass, is engineered from high quality aluminium, and offers slim sightlines of just a few millimetres for maximum effect.

    • Anti-glare glass options available
    • Vintage and classic-style Verandas column designs
    • Compatible with all SupaLite tiled roof systems
    • Constructed using weather-resistant aluminium material

    Fully approved system and reliable installers

    There’s a degree of synergy across both our products and services, in the sense that every part of the home improvement process is covered by the appropriate approvals and accreditations. The roof systems themselves, for example, far exceed the required thermal efficiency standards with an energy rating of A. In addition to this our fully-vetted installer network combines with JHAI certification to give homeowners the best peace of mind.

    JHAI logoJHAI Approval

    SupaLite Tiled roofs are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation. Once the installation has been completed and if it is required we’ll help your installer submit a Building Regulations application. Find out more about JHAI approval.

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