What is a conservatory made of?

Making an improvement to your home, such as adding a conservatory, is an exciting journey with endless possibilities. Unfortunately, for some homeowners, there are too many possibilities.

Throughout the years, many people have seen beautiful conservatories in magazines, on TV or on social media but don’t know a lot more about them. Conservatories extend the living space in your home and in many cases can add considerable value to it, but what are they made of?

What is a conservatory frame made of?

Conservatory frames can be made from uPVC, timber or aluminium. High-quality materials won’t warp or rot after continual exposure to the elements, giving them a high life expectancy. uPVC and aluminium are strong materials that require minimal maintenance, making them a favourite amongst many homeowners.

What are the walls of a conservatory made of?

The material used for the walls of your conservatory is completely down to personal taste. Choose between a dwarf wall, made from brick and designed to match the existing brick around your home, or full-length glazing panels to welcome in all available natural light.

Most conservatories are custom made and expertly manufactured to suit your home. Let your personal taste and imagination decide the type of doors and windows you’d like to have featured in your new conservatory.

What is a conservatory roof made of?

Conservatory Roof with RooflightChoosing the correct material for your conservatory roof is vital. Make the wrong choice and you may experience boiling temperatures in the summer and freezing conditions in the winter.

Have a look at our news article, Conservatory ideas – how to choose the best material and type, for further information on the many different factors to consider between polycarbonate, glass and tiled roofs.

Where can I get a new conservatory in the South West?

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