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Supalite Conservatory Roofs

Constructed from the latest materials to ensure the best style and performance, SupaLite tiled conservatory roofs from Spectra are perfectly primed to take existing conservatories from good to great. The design is multi-layered, made up using an acute combination of PIR insulation boards, breathable membrane, and tiled slates. All of which come together to create one of the best-looking and most efficient tiled roof systems out there.

Despite their complex material structure, SupaLite tiled conservatory roofs are incredibly swift to install, meaning homeowners can spend less time waiting, and more time enjoying their benefits. All come tailor-made specifically for your conservatory’s shape and size, neatly retro-fitting onto the current framework to keep the living space airtight throughout the entire year.

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Comfortable Temperature All Year Round

Once fitted, tiled conservatory roofs provide conservatories with exceptional temperature balancing with U-values as low as 0.18. The result is a space that stays comfortable and inviting 365 days a year.

Lightweight & Structurally Sound

The framework supporting each tiled conservatory roof is engineered with durable aluminium, a material ideal due to its lightweight but a high strength-to-weight ratio.

10 Year Product Guarantee

For ultimate peace of mind, every tiled roof we manufacture comes with a standard 10-year product guarantee. While expected to last much longer, this safety net covers natural wear and tear.

Ultra Efficient & Secure

Ultra thermally efficient tiled conservatory roof

SupaLite tiled conservatory roofs from Spectra specialise in retaining any heat naturally generated in the home. This is thanks to a suite of performance enhancements in addition to the system’s multi-layered design, which prevents the likelihood of frequent draughts, rattles, and potential heat leaks. U-values of just 0.18 are achieved all year round, letting you reduce financial costs due to less of a reliance on artificial heating methods.

A persistent problem our tiled roofs resolve is the issue of noise. Whereas polycarbonate roofs would render your extended living space acoustically devastating in the event of harsh rainfall, both our tiled options (Extra light and slate) are successful in eliminating annoying noise. Your conservatory will be rendered peaceful as well as comfortable.

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  • Finishes

    A range of realistic acrylic finishes

    Whether fitted using textured extra-light tiles or the handsomely smooth Tapco slates, homeowners are offered great finish variety to better find an aesthetic that suits their property. All require virtually no maintenance and are specifically designed to combat the harshest weather to retain maximum colour richness well into the future.


    Technical features few other tiled roof systems can match

    In terms of technical features, SupaLite triumphs over alternative options every time, with various subtle enhancements that help give it the edge. For example, if fitted using Extralight tiles a 10° pitch is easily achievable, homeowner peace of mind is aided by a 25-year guarantee, and the system comes fitted to meet Building Regulation requirements.

    • 25-year guarantee with life expectancy of 50+ years
    • Accredited under BBA, BRE, CORGI, and JHAI certification
    • Insulated PIR board, plasterboard, and plywood integration
    • Extralight tiles tested down to a 10° pitch


    Supalite tiled roof approved installers

    There’s a degree of synergy across both our products and services, in the sense that every part of the home improvement process is covered by the appropriate approvals and accreditations. The roof systems themselves, for example, far exceed the required thermal efficiency standards with an energy rating of A. In addition to this our fully-vetted installer network combines with JHAI certification to give homeowners the best peace of mind.

    CORGI Fenestration Registered Supalite Fabricator

    Spectra Conservatory Roofs Limited has been assessed against the CORGI Fenestration Scheme requirements and has been certified as a CORGI Fenestration Registered Supalite Fabricator.

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    JHAI logoJHAI Approval

    SupaLite Tiled roofs are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation. Once the installation has been completed and if it is required we’ll help your installer submit a Building Regulations application. Find out more about JHAI approval.

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