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Lantern Roofs

A discreetly-styled aluminium lantern roof that’s compatible with all our tiled roof options, we engineer Stratus in-house to provide excellent efficiency in addition to aesthetics. It’s a thermally-broken system, which means that the cold outside air is successfully separated from any warmth present in your extended living space. Orangeries and conservatories maintain a comfortable temperature while making for a light and airy feel.

Minimalist framework and ridges lets natural light to spoil the space much easier, illuminating the back of the home in a manner previously not possible before. Cappings are purposefully designed to keep the sightlines incredibly sleek and stylish, maximising homeowners’ view of the sky from the inside while making for an aesthetic that’s undeniably modern and contemporary.

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Incredibly thermally efficient

Compared to rival aluminium lantern roofs, Spectra’s are up to 65% more thermally efficient. This is due to the thermally-broken system which keeps conservatories in cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

Strong and durable

Though lightweight and crisp, aluminium is a naturally durable material with a high strength-to-weight ratio. This is ideal for an illuminating lantern roof, a system required to withstand large panels of glazing.

Sleekly-styled slim sightlines

All our lantern roofs come engineered and fitted to give-off an incredibly crisp and slim aesthetic. This allows natural light to more easily enter the space, all the while keeping it warm and comfortable to be in.

A fresher, brighter interior.

Certified Stratus roof lantern manufacturer

The Stratus roof is the most evolved aluminium lantern roof system available today. Whether you’re replacing an existing lantern roof or including the Stratus as a new addition for your extended space, the system comes in a range of configurations including; 3-way, 2-way, and contemporary. All make for conservatory interiors that are much fresher and brighter than before, while still being tailored to your specific roof size.

Such versatility is indicative of the lantern roof’s evolutionary nature, being the ultimate conservatory addition in which to perfectly refine your living space. Hard-wearing aluminium framework is able to resist any extreme weather conditions to the same degree as SupaLite’s Tapco and extra-light tile options, fusing the lantern roof’s great style and performance with the ultimate defensive qualities.

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    Two distinct powder coated finishes

    Our aluminium roof lanterns come in a choice of 2 hard-wearing powder coated colours, bonded to the frame in a heating process to better ensure a long-lasting finish. Both Anthracite Grey and Crisp White perfectly align with the system’s overall effective but understated nature, complementing the always White interior finish which faces down into the living space.


    Technical features exclusive to Stratus lantern roofs

    When we say that Stratus is the aluminium lantern roof evolved, we mean it, with our selection integrating various technical features such as a 20° pitch capacity and multiple layout designs. Such technical features combine with the system’s versatile configurability to allow almost any property type enjoy improved efficiency and exceptional style.

    • 65% more thermally efficient than rival lantern roof systems
    • 20° degree pitch for contemporary look
    • Available in 2-way, 3-way, and contemporary layout designs
    • Sizes up to 3m x 6m


    Fully approved system and reliable installers

    There’s a degree of synergy across both our products and services, in the sense that every part of the home improvement process is covered by the appropriate approvals and accreditations. The roof systems themselves, for example, far exceed the required thermal efficiency standards with an energy rating of A. In addition to this our fully-vetted installer network combines with JHAI certification to give homeowners the best peace of mind.

    JHAI logoJHAI Approval

    SupaLite Tiled roofs are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation. Once the installation has been completed and if it is required we’ll help your installer submit a Building Regulations application. Find out more about JHAI approval.

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