Do I need planning permission for a conservatory with a tiled roof?

Tiled Supalite Conservatory RoofBuilding a conservatory with a tiled roof is a fantastic idea. It’ll provide you with additional living space, whilst its incredible thermal performance makes sure it feels more like an extension of your current home. If you’re thinking of having one built, you may be wondering if you’ll need planning permission. So to clear up any potential confusion, we’ve created this short guide.

Planning permission for a tiled roof conservatory

In 2010 planning regulations changed so a tiled roof conservatory could be built without planning permission. Previously, in order to be considered a conservatory, 75% of the roof needed to be translucent. Conservatories can usually be built without planning permission.
This is because conservatories are mostly considered a permitted development right. However, this classification only applies to a conservatory if the following criteria is fulfilled:

  • Your home hasn’t already been extended
  • The conservatory does not cover more than half your garden
  • The top point of the roof is no higher than the eaves of your property’s roof
  • The conservatory does not exceed 4 metres in height, or 3 metres if within 2 metres of the boundary
  • Side extensions must not exceed half the houses’ width

Bear in mind that terraced houses, flats and maisonettes will still need to get planning permission, regardless of conservatory size.

Neighbour Consultation Scheme

If you live in a detached home and your proposed conservatory is to extend between four and eight metres beyond the rear wall of the property, you’ll need to apply through the Neighbour Consultation Scheme instead. For any other home, you’ll have to do the same if it’s between three and six metres.

Extra considerations

Just be wary that the guidance and Neighbour Consultation Scheme only apply to extensions that are planned to be completed up until 30th May 2019. After that date, regulations are likely to undergo changes. This guidance is only applicable to homeowners in England too.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Supalite

Conservation areas

Do you live in a conservation area, national park or designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty? If so, you may be subject to ‘Article 4 Directions’. These restrict the alterations you can make to your property’s exterior. In such cases, planning permission for a tiled roof conservatory will be necessary.

Replacing your conservatory roof

If you’re looking to achieve a tiled roof conservatory by replacing your conservatory’s current roof, planning permission may be required. This is because changing a glass roof for a solid variation is deemed a ‘change of use’. Change of uses often require planning permission.

Spectra – specialist installer of tiled roofing systems

Whether it’s a replacement of your current conservatory roof or a new conservatory altogether, Spectra will take care of all the legwork, if any planning permission is required – you can leave it in the capable hands of our expert team. To learn more get in contact with one of our friendly team on 01626 334 550 or send us an online message.